Amazing facts about Kishtwar India the hidden place

By | May 19, 2019

Today, we will reveal facts about the Kishtwar. I call it a hidden place because like some other beautiful places it less explored place in Jammu & Kashmir of India. The kishtwar is one of the best destinations in India’s Jammu & Kashmir for trekking, adventure, holidays, honeymoon etc. . Before going so deep about this place let relate you with some basic info about its name and then we relate you with Amazing facts about Kishtwar India the hidden place.

History of kishtwar:-

Kishtwar is known by several names:

1. Samarth Garh
2. Goverdhansar
3. Mahakali Garh
4. Lohit Mandal
5. Pohie
6. Cheerhar
7. Bhot Nagar
8. Kishtavata
9. Kishtwar

Existence of Kishtwar town and Mandal goes back to Mahabharata time when it was called ‘Lohit Mandal’ meaning ‘ a place of Saffron’ although ‘Lohit’ has ceased to be used now but ‘Mandal’ still exists and is the name of the villages in the vicinity of the town. According to some historians, it was previously called ‘Kashyapwas’ meaning the place of ‘Kashyap Rishi’. It was this great saint who on the basis of his spiritual powers, got the water of ‘Goverdhan Sar’ drained off which made Kishtwar a place worth living. The theory that Kishtwar, prior to its existence, was a lake known as ‘Goverdhan Sar’ is corroborated with the fact that the area between TRC and village Sangrambhata is still called ‘Gudhansar’. Sar in Sanskrit means ‘Lake’.With the passage of time, the name ‘Kashtwarak’ also has been used for the present Kishtwar. Kishtwar has significant historical importance as far as its antiquity is concerned in fact, the name Kishtwar is the ‘Prakrit Version’ of the Sanskritised names ‘Kashtwarak‘ and ‘Kashtnivarak’.

Sinthan Maidaan

Let’s relate you with Facts about kishtwar

  • In 1958, the first vehicle entered into Kishtwar. The driver of this vehicle was Budhi Singh.
  • Kishtwar is famous for the high quality of Saffron all over India.
  • kishtwar is one of the best place for honeymoon in India.
sinthan top
  • Trekking, adventure or holidays kishtwar will never disappoint you.
  • There is a big ground in kishtwar named as chowgan and known as Crown of Kishtwar which 520 kanals in area.
  • The Chander Bagha (Chenab) river is so wonderful that one becomes surprised.
  • There are a number of mountain passes on the mountain ranges which links kishtwar district with the other parts of Jammu & Kashmir state. Sinthan pass links Chingam with Daksum valley of Anantnag District at the elevation of 3784 meters whereas Margan pass links Warwan Valley with Naubugh in Kashmir at a height of 3585 meters. Bhot Kol or Lanwille pass, the route between Warwan and Zanskar at a height of 4421 meters. Another pass is Chatroo Valley is Singpora pass called Marbal pass,3670 meters high, which provides a route from Singpora to Gadol in Kashmir. Marwah and Brang of Kashmir valley are linked by Hukhsar pass which stands at an elevation of 4300 meters above sea level. On Padder side Umasi La Or Bardhar of 5340 meters above sea level.
  • Dachhan, Marwah and Warwan, an idyllic region of Kishtwar have been a favourable choice of foreign travellers, historians, trekkers and archaeologists.
faambar Marwah
faambar marwah
  • Tatta Pani in Padder Tehsil is a famous place of hot springs. The main source of hot spring at Tatta Pani is a pond wherein boiling hot water gushes out. It is very hot in the pond where it is difficult for a person to touch it.
  • The most amazing fact that Kishtwar is the biggest donor of income to the national exchequer. 390 MW Dul-Hasti Hydro-Electric project located at Kishtwar is generating electricity worth Rs 3 crores daily. If the proposed hydro-electric projects of Bursar, Pakkal, Dool, Kiru, Kwar, Kathai and ratil having the generating potential of 4400MW are ready, these will take the economy of the country to its new heights.

So, these are some Amazing facts about Kishtwar India the hidden place

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