Amazing facts about Rose Day

By | February 6, 2019

Every year “Rose Day” is celebrated on 7th of February. Mostly this day is celebrated by lovers and couples, but its not a day of couples and you can celebrate this by giving a red rose to the person whom you love.
Red Rose is a sign of love and given to each other to express the love. For couples this day is very special and many boys and girls are waiting for this day to express their deep love whom they love.

Every year from 7th to 14th February its valentine week and the first day of this week is celebrated with warm feelings which are expressed by giving a Rose. So, we share with you some amazing Facts about Rose Day.

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Interesting & Amazing facts about Rose Day

  • About 3.3 billion $ are spend for flowers by lovers only in U.S.
  • Roses are of different colours like white roses, pink roses etc. but Red roses are more likely flower to be purchased on the Rose day.
  • About 18% of women’s sent flowers to themselves in the year 2015.

  • The history shows that the Roses are the symbol of love & peace.
  • Red roses actually became popular during the Victorian era, as people, by then, had become quite enthusiastic about these beautiful flowers, especially in the color red.
  • Pink roses are symbol of grace and appreciation.
  • White roses are symbol of peace and harmony.
  • Yellow roses are symbol of joy and friendship.
  • Do you know Black Roses are not actually black but they are dark red.

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So, these are some Interesting and amazing facts about Rose Day.

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