Things to avoid in healthy relationship | Tips to make your relation strong

By | March 10, 2018

Hello, friends today after a long time I share some of my thoughts with you in this article and will explain you easily that how can your relationship get stronger with some small tips or you can say things to avoid in a healthy relationship to make your relationship strong. Actually, it’s not too difficult to make a healthy relationship but at the same time, it’s not too easy to continue a healthy relationship. First of all, we must have to think that why a relationship gets unhealthy, as usual not due to the big mistake but due to just silly mistakes we do and after some time these silly mistakes changes into big mistakes and results in an unhealthy relationship. Everyone wants to be live happy with his partner, parent, friend’s, relative but if you avoid these things then you can be a good person to handle relations. So, let’s start without wasting more time.

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Things to avoid in healthy relationship | Tips to make your relation strong

  • Cheating

The word is made of only eight words but it’s enough to break your old & new relations just within few seconds. Cheating is not the way to handle a relationship. Just take an example think once if someone will cheat with you, how you feel at that time, it’s enough to make you understand that what I mean. Always and every time keep this word aside in your any relationship. For health and the strong relationship never ever cheat with your partner either it is your parents or anyone else.


  • Mistakes

save relationship tips


What I am saying mistakes, how can it be possible to avoid mistakes? Not a big issue dear reader. I know a human is a big set of mistakes, who will commit mistakes at every step of life. But, when it comes about a relationship you must have to avoid it because genuine mistakes are natural and anyone forgives you for that mistakes but the mistake I am talking here about is the mistake of repeating same mistakes. Don’t repeat your mistakes again and again because how much times one can forgive you and it doesn’t mean that you commit new mistakes again & again. The person who loves you will understand and comes to know that when you are avoiding a mistake and still it happens then someone can forgive you but no one can forgive for that mistake which we know that it going to hurt another person.


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  • Lies

Only one lie and game over. The lie is a lie and it’s never big nor small. According to me lie is only a lie. You can say if you tell a lie in a relationship you directly attacked the spine of that relation. As I said that someone can forgive for your mistakes but it’s too hard to forgive for lies. Because a lie will destroy trust. It’s our duty to make a relationship where we believe in each other and two people must have an understanding so that they can share their mistakes with each other. Just tell your partner say me what you have done by mistake and I will forgive you if it’s a situational mistake, but never tell me a lie. If you don’t tell a lie there are 100% chances that relation gets stable once again with mutual understandings. So, avoid Lie from top to bottom and at the same time if someone is loyal to us we must have to forgive them and help that person to come out from the mistakes instead of fighting with him.


  • Don’t break trust

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Its automatically as I mentioned above point that never makes a lie. Because if you tell truth then the faith that you are a truthful person will attack emotionally to other person and trust get stronger that don’t go what the situation was but he or she never told me a lie. Instead of thinking about the result that person told me the truth. That’s going to benefit you in long times. Trust is the only thing which is the last and first option to join or come back in a relationship. So, never means never break the trust because it’s very very precious. You can say trust is a one-time investment for last long relationship.


  • Ignorance

Give time to your every relationship because no one likes ignorance also not you. Just think if your parents or partner start ignoring you then how bad you feel, just like that same is the case with others. Ignore only when it’s much needed because sometimes ignorance is also a small helpful tool but you are reading tips for a healthy relationship. So, you have to avoid ignorance properly.


  • No Discussion

Yes, you have to avoid no Discussion that means you must have a discussion because a discussion is a solution to almost every problem. One of the important things, listen and share your thoughts with each other, so you come to know what she wants and what he wants from you. Because thinking of two different people never matches but there is a level in between that gap that is level of satisfaction. As thinking doesn’t match so you had to satisfy on a common point.


  • Confusions

Avoid confusion’s, it all depends on each other, as you discuss things the confusion starts getting clear. Discuss on a level, don’t make too large discussion but also don’t make too small discussion. Make genuine discussions and clear confusion at each level.


These are some points you have to focus but all depends on you how you think, how your thoughts are because you have to understand yourself but think if everyone starts understanding things on its own level then how much easier it gets to make a healthy relationship. Ups and downs are the continuous processes, so don’t create bitterness and confusion on small issues. Forgive for mistakes and let them understand what you want because we must have to care about each other only then we can make a healthy and stronger relationship. Care each other and see a bright future.


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