Amazing & Surprising facts about Clouds | Interesting cloud facts

By | November 4, 2017

Clouds whenever they come they give many different shapes and awesome figures. Clouds are the beauty of the sky. There are some Interesting and Amazing facts about Clouds. Read facts about clouds which may amaze you.


Amazing & Surprising facts about Clouds | Interesting cloud facts

facts about clouds

  • It can take a few minutes to a few hours to become a cloud. These can be long, wide or of any size and shape.


  • Clouds are made up of small water droplets and ice crystals. The water in the cloud comes from the seas, rivers, ponds and lakes by the process of vapourisation which is a natural process.


  • If you think clouds have no weight, then you are wrong. The weight of a cloud can be 5 lakh kg or more i.e., equivalent to one aeroplane or 100 elephants. Clouds can be 1-1.5 kilometres long.


  • Clouds reflect the sunlight that’s why they are looking white in colour.


  • Haze (धुंध) is also a kind of cloud and it is very close to the ground. Walking in the haze is like walking in the clouds.


  • The Clouds are of three types which are 1. Cirrus, from cirro, meaning curly or fibrous, 2. Stratus, from Strato, suggesting sheets or layers, 3. Cumulus, from cumulo, indicating heaped or piled.


  • If any planet exists atmosphere then there also exist cloud, On earth clouds are made of water. But on the planet where there is no water, there form clouds of gases which exist in its atmosphere. On Venus, there are clouds of  Sulfur oxide and you will be surprised to know that there are clouds of ammonia on the planet Saturn and Jupiter.


  • The flight is delayed or cancelled due to ‘Cumulonimbus‘ clouds. It is capable of bringing lightning, storms and sometimes even tornadoes.facts about clouds


  • Noctilucent Clouds are at an altitude of 75 to 85 km. These clouds are at the great height that even they can reflect sunlight in the night.


  • Clouds are considered lucky in Iran. While blessing someone here, they say ‘Your sky is always filled with clouds’.


  • The world’s most clouds are surrounded in the Antarctic Indian Ocean in South Africa’s, Prince Island. Here the sun shines only for 800 hours out of 8760 hours of the year.


  • When the clouds with billions of drops of water become very thick then the sunlight does not shine in between them and the clouds appear grey. As clouds become grey, we should understand that it is going to rain.

So, these are some Amazing & Surprising facts about Clouds | Interesting cloud facts

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