Weird facts about the dangerous disease EVD – Ebola Virus Disease

By | September 23, 2017

The world suffered from many problems and one of them was this disease. A disease which creates horror in the mind and hearts of people, the disease who is responsible for many deaths that disease is EVD – Ebola Virus Disease is also known as  Haemorrhegia Fever. Ebola is a very dangerous virus who is responsible for the disease called as Ebola Virus disease. This is so dangerous virus that if any person gets infected by it then there is only 10% chance that the infected person will live more life. Out of 100% affected with this virus, the 90% will die. So, let’s start the topic which horror, weird facts of Ebola Virus and EVD.

ebola virus

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Weird & Surprising facts about the dangerous disease EVD – Ebola Virus Disease

ebola virus

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  • History of the Ebola Virus Disease – The Ebola Virus was first detected in the year 1976 recorded from Nzara in Southern Sudan and from a place called “Ebola river” in Zaire, hence, the name of the virus called as “Ebola”. A second emergence was recorded in Yambuku, DR of Congo. According, to W.H.O (world health organisation) the source of Ebola is the bat animal. In2014, due to Ebola Virus about more than 11310 people died only in African countries of Leone, Nigeria, Liberia etc.

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  • Transmission of Disease – Ebola Virus can be transmitted into a body from an infected person to a healthy person through the mediums of sweat, saliva, blood, pigments, mucous and also through the air. This virus can be transmitted to a healthy person when it comes in  Sexual contact with the infected person the reason is unprotected sex and the medium of transmission is body fluids which come out during intercourse. This virus also can get transmitted through animals like bats, chimpanzees, elephants etc. while consuming them or come in contact with the animals. The surprise about this virus is that it can also transmit into you even if you are burying a dead body of an Ebola-infected person.


  • Symptoms of Ebola Virus – If a person gets infected by this virus, then the virus will spread all over the body within 2 to 21 days due to which glycoprotein starts coming out of the Ebola virus cell. The initial symptoms are fatigue, fever, vomiting, dysentery, roughness in the throat and then on upcoming stages, the patient suffers from typhoid, Cholera, Muscle pain, the hairs start falling and bleeding starts through nerves, eyes get redness, much amount of pigment comes out of eye, patient cannot tolerate the light. The dangerous Symptom is that the skin of the infected person starts melting.
  • Diagnose of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) – The diagnose of Ebola Virus Disease is very tough that was the reason that many people died due this disease. Still, there are no medicines which can treat this disease & kill Ebola virus properly. An experimental Ebola Vaccine proved highly protective against the virus in a trial in Guinea. The vaccine called rVSV-ZEBOV was studied in a trial during 2015.
ebola virus victim

burying Ebola victim

  • Countries affected by it –  Guinea, Zaire,  Sierra Leone, Nigeria all in West Africa are the countries which a lot from this disease. India was and is very Lucky that the disease will be far from our country. May God save every person and every country from these type of fatal diseases.


This was a disease which killed many people and creates fear in mind of people. The deaths due to this disease were on the peak in the year 2014. This is not only a disease its a fear which people faced and most Africans but the current situation is normal. So, this is all about Weird facts about the dangerous disease EVD – Ebola Virus Disease



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