Surprising & Amazing facts about Monkeys | Monkey Interesting facts

By | September 11, 2017

The animal who is crazy, kidding, clever, naughty and much more that animal is Monkey. Today we relate you with some


Surprising & Amazing facts about Monkeys | Monkey Interesting facts

monkey facts

  • Every year on 14th December, ‘World Monkey Day’ is celebrated and this was started from the year 2000.


  • Every monkey has its own fingerprint.


  • Monkeys are divided into two parts: those who live in Africa and Asia are called the old monkeys and who live in South America are called the new monkeys.


  • There are 36 teeth in the new monkeys and 32 teeth in the old monkeys.


  • There are 264 known species of monkeys and most of the species are found in Brazil.


  • The first monkey went into space was Albert II, which was at the height of 83 miles (133km) from Earth in 1949.


  • The world’s biggest monkey, whose name is ‘mandrill‘, weighs 35kg and has the length 3.3ft.worlds biggest monkey


  • The world’s smallest monkey is so small that it can also come on the palm of a human. This monkey is named ‘Pygmy Marmoset‘ is of size 4 inch and weight is equal to 100 gram.  smallest monkey


  • The IQ level of the monkeys is 174.


  • Capuchin Monkeys first pee on their hands and then rub it on the whole body to attract the female partner for sex.


  • The raw and ripe brains of the dead monkeys are eaten with great passion in China and Malaysia.


  • 98% DNA of monkey and humans match with each other.


  • In Japan, there is a restaurant where monkeys are used as waiters.


  • In 2011, a monkey was arrested in Pakistan, because it had crossed the Indian border.


  • When monkeys are given a mirror, they first observe their genitals.


  • The female monkey holds the baby from 134 to 237 days in your uterus. The age of monkeys ranges from 10 to 50 years, till now, the oldest living monkey was 53 years old.


  • Capuchin ‘Monkeys are the most clever monkeys, it breaks the walnuts from the stones, even with the beat snake with a long rod.

So, these are some Surprising & Amazing facts about Monkeys | Monkey Interesting facts


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