Suicide Victims countries & people died due to Blue Whale Game Challenge

By | September 22, 2017

As we previously mentioned about the Blue Whale game Challenge and its Rules due to which many people committed suicide around the globe. Before you read victims of blue whale game challenge.A game due to which many people died you must first have knowledge about these two topics ; –

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Now let’s start Our topic

Suicide Victims countries & people died due to Blue Whale Game Challenge

  • Many countries and many people are the victims of this game but the first victim of this blue whale game challenge was from Russia in 2015. The first victim was a teenager from the country where it is originated but with time this game get viral all over the world and many countries suffered due to this game.
  • According to a study of Novaya Gazeta said We counted 130 suicides in children that occurred in Russia from November 2015 to April 2016. Almost all of them were members of the same group on the internet.

Victim countries:

  1. India.
  2. Brazil
  3. Argentina.
  4. Chile.
  5. Kenya.
  6. Georgia.
  7. Bulgaria.
  8. China.
  9. Italy.
  10. Portugal.
  11. Russia.
  12. Serbia.
  13. Spain.
  14. U.S.A

and still many are there.

  • India

  1. My neighbour committed suicide by hanging him with a fan in a room in August 2017 in Jammu, the reason is to be known as this game.
  2. On 10 August 2017, a boy of the 7th standard from Madhya Pradesh committed suicide.
  3. In Kerala, a 16-year-old boy committed suicide on 26 July 2017.
  4. A 14 years old boy committed suicide by jumping from the seventh floor in Mumbai Andheri on 30 July 2017.
  5. On 28 August a 10th Class student jumped into the Kaylana Lake in Jodhpur.
  6. A 10th standard student from Anandpur, West Midnapore district of West Bengal allegedly committed suicide due to the game.
  7. A class XI student from Damoh, Madhya Pradesh committed suicide by jumping in front of a running train after he allegedly played the Blue Whale game. The victim’s school friend said that he used to play the game and asked them to play the suicidal game too.

Still, there are many cases coming but the link is removed from everywhere so we hope that soon this number will decrease.

  • Argentina

  1. On 27 June 2017, a 16-year-old Benjamin Palavecino died in the San Martin de Parana hospital.
  2. A 14-year-old boy was committed to intensive care in San Juan Province, Argentina.
  3. A 12-year-old girl complained to a police station and told that she had wounded her arm with a sharp object due to the blue whale game.
  • Pictures of some victims

blue whale game victim
blue whale challenge

The list is too large. So you must avoid yourself from any type of this craze and the link is removed so we hope better. But there is a fear of its coming back through any unknown link. So don’t just open the links check properly and then surf the internet.

This is all about Suicide Victims countries & people died due to Blue Whale Game Challenge


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