Interesting & Surprising Facts about Bones | Human Bones fact that amaze

By | September 5, 2017

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Interesting & Surprising Facts about Bones | Human Bones fact that amaze

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  • A human baby will be born with 306 bones, but by adulthood, it changes into 206, because many of bones get interconnected with each other.


  • In the human body, the bones exist 14% of the body weight.


  • At birth, only our ear bone is fully developed.


  • More than half of our bones are in our hands and feet.


  • The smallest bone stirrup bone in our body is found in our ears and its size is 0.11 inch.


  • The largest bone in our body is found in our thigh part.


  • There is only one bone in the whole body without joint which is found in the throat.


  • After the age of 30 years, our bones start loosing its density.


  • After every 7 years, our old bone is get replaced by new bone.


  • Bone marrow is 4% of our body’s total weight. It creates red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout our body.

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  • The small shock which we feel during a collision of the elbow do you know we get that shock due to nerves.


  • The hardest bone of human body is thigh bone and the weakest bone is found in nose and spine.


  • Our face is made up of almost 14 bones.


  • There are 5 types of bones in our body like long, short, flat, irregular and sesame shapes.


  • It takes approximately 12 weeks to recover the broken bone.


  • 99% of the total calcium in our body is found in our bones and teeth.


  • The pain caused to the woman while giving birth to a baby is equivalent to breaking 20 bones at a time.


So, these are some facts about your and my bones.

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