Interesting & Amazing facts about New Zealand | Info of New Zealand

By | September 25, 2017

A very beautiful country New Zealand whose people are very honest and also beautiful by nature and looking. New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main islands, both marked by volcanoes and glaciation. New Zealand has a population of 4.693 million according to a survey of 2016. Today, we relate you with some special facts about New Zealand. Let’s start the topic

Interesting & Amazing facts about New Zealand | Info of New Zealand

  • The Kiwi is the national animal of New
  • New Zealand is part of the continent named as “Zealandia” continent, of which, 93% is submerged.
  • There are three official languages English, Māori and New Zealand Sign Language the one of language is the language of sign.
  • New Zeland has a special quality that it is the least corrupted country in the world after Denmark.
  • New Zealand is home to the world’s smallest dolphin species.
  • The maximum temperature during summer ranges between 20-30°C (68-86OF) and in winter, the average maximum temperature ranges between 10-15°C (50-59OF).
  • New Zealand is one of the world’s least populated nations with only 4.6 million residents.
  • New Zealand was one of the last major landmasses settled by humans.
  • The first Europeans known to have reached New Zealand were Dutch explorer Abel Tasman and his crew in 1642.
  • There are seven times more sheep and cows than people in New Zealand.
  • After Australia, New Zealand is the world’s second-largest producer of wool.
  • In New Zealand, it is legal to drive after the age of 15years, the legal age for sex is 16 years and the legal age for drinking is 18 years.
  • In New Zealand, if you walk 140 km (87 miles) away you will reach to the ocean because the no place in New Zealand is more than 140 km from the ocean.
  • In WW2, the U.S. and New Zealand secretly tested 3,700 “tsunami bombs” designed to destroy coastal cities
  • New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy, although its constitution is not codified. Elizabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand and the head of state. The Queen is represented by the Governor-General, whom she appoints on the advice of the Prime Minister. (wiki)

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  • Unlike Australia, New Zealand does not have any dangerous or poisonous animals.
  • New Zealand is counted in the fastest country in the world to start a business it just takes only one day.
  • There is a beach in New Zealand named as Ninety-Mile Beach which is only 55 miles long.

    ninety nine mile beach

    Ninety-nine-mile beach

  • The oldest known fossil penguin species lived in New Zealand about 62 million years ago.

So, these are some Interesting & Amazing facts about New Zealand | Info of New Zealand  

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