Full Information about the Blue whale Game | Blue Whale Game Surprising Facts

By | September 18, 2017

The blue whale game in which entertainment is nothing but full of horror. Before, explaining about this game, we request you not to play this game because this is a killer game. Don’t waste your life randomly for a game. This game is the reason of the death of many people, especially of teenagers. This game washes your brain and then run your brain according to its rules. So avoid this game, don’t think that you get out of it, do you know if it once started to control your brain according to its rules then it is almost impossible to get out of this game until your death, so be aware of it. But you must have a knowledge of this game so you can be aware. Download Blue Whale Game Challenge or rules of blue whale game, we mention everything here. Read this article calmly till the end, we try to explain it all to you properly. You can also get answer from us of your questions but first, let’s start the topic

blue whale game

Full Information about the Blue whale Game | Blue Whale Game Surprising Facts


  • About the Blue Whale Game Developer

The name of the person whose mind is behind this game is Philip Budeyalin. 22 years old boy a student of psychology.

Philip Budeyalin

Philip Budeyalin
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He is the developer of the blue whale game who made this game in the year 2013. But in 2016 he was arrested by Police of Russia and he accepted that he was the developer of the blue whale game and he also accepted that he was behind the 16 suicide deaths of the teenager. When the question arises to him that why you did all this then his reply was shocking, he said that “he wants to remove the Biological waste from the society”. Here the biological waste means those people who were too tense, too emotional etc. We must be clear that every person has the right to live in the society either that person was emotional or tense. Philip Budeyin the developer of this game is in the Russian Jail but the blue whale game network is viral and affecting today also all over the world. Recently a 17-year-old Russian girl has also been arrested by police for allegedly being the mastermind behind the Blue Whale Challenge, that encouraged players to commit suicide.

Blue whale game

  • How this blue whale game works

This game works like a slow poison which slowly starts affecting you and then completely destroy you with upcoming time. Actually, it washes brain with its confusing rules which are crazy and challenging. The rules are not called as challenging but as it starts affecting us slowly we feel that these are challenging and we don’t know but we are doing foolishness because this game completely conquers our mind we are completely brainwashed by this game. The game has 50 rules which you have to follow and each day you have to follow one rule daily and the admin means who is controlling this game daily gives you a new task and you have to complete those tasks and you must have to show a proof to admin by sending him a picture of that task. After 49 days when you reach to the 50 task means the 50th day you are no more because the last task is to kill yourself. So, don’t be a fool and don’t do foolishness to play this game. To know about these 50 rules click here. 


  • History of the Blue whale game

The blue whale game appears to have originated on a Russian social site Vkontakte with “F57”, one of the names of the so-called “Death group”.The first suicide due to the blue whale game was attempted in the year 2015 in the country Russia.

  • Current situation of the game

Police are investigating about this game. Daily new cases are lodged. The game is removed and banned from google play store. There are many cases of suicide due to the blue whale game has seen in India due to which Indian Govt. has asked the top internet companies to remove the link from Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo.






So, we aware you once again, be far from this game don’t accept links randomly. Life is precious.


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