Surprising Facts about the Human Body|Facts about Humans

By | August 31, 2017

There is much information available about Human Body. Today we share some Surprising Facts about the Human Body|Facts about Humans which increase your knowledge and entertains you.

facts about human body

  • About 200 muscular thrusts are used to move one step.


  • The blood of a human is 6% thicker than of water.


  • Thigh bones are four times stronger than concrete.


  • Our nails and hairs are made of the same substance.


  • It takes only 7 seconds for food to reach the stomach.


  • From the inner side, our cheeks and vagina are made of the same tissue.


  • When a person is in excessive tension, the blood starts to thicken and there is a chance to hold the blood clot. This is the reason why heart attacks come from more tension.


  • Our blood passes 65 times from our kidney.


  • If a person does not cut the bear throughout his life, then it can grow up to 13 feet.


  • If you are standing comfortably in one place, then you are using 300 muscles for it.


  • The speed of semen exemption from the penis is 40 feet per second.


  • When a person starts crying, then he also starts remembering the old bad things so that he can cry a bit more.


  • Talking in front of a mirror makes you mentally strong.


  • In the whole body tooth is the only thing that can not repair itself after breakdown.


  • The tongue is the strongest muscle in our body.


  • Our nose can smell fifty thousand types of smell.


  • The speed of sneezing is almost 146ft / s.


  • Instead of the hair of any part of on our body, the hairs on face grows fastest.


  • The heart of an adult pumps around 7000 liters of blood through every day?
    This could fill about 35 bathtubs.


  • We release about half a liter of gas from the intestines every day, what we call Farts.


  • The only bone not connected with the rest of the skeleton is The HYOID Bone? It lies at the root of the tongue.


So, these are Surprising Facts about the Human Body|Facts about Humans

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