Amazing facts about Honey Bee | Interesting Info & facts of Honey Bee

By | August 1, 2017

The most hardworking insect that works 24*7 in his/her life and never takes a single sleep in their life journey. There will be some questions in your mind about the honey bee, let’s start with

Amazing facts about Honey Bee | Interesting Info & facts of Honey Bee

Amazing facts about honey bee

  • The life span of a honey bee is only of 45 days.


  • Bees have more than 20,000 species, but only 4 of them are able to produce honey.


  • Bee is the only insects on the earth whose made food is consumed by humans.


  • A beehive contains 20 to 60 thousand female bees, few hundred male bees and 1 queen bee. Their beehive is made of wax which emits from their stomach glands.


  • 1100 sting of the bees is enough to kill a man.


  • Only female bee can make honey and can sting. The male is the only drone that does sex with the queen.


  • Bees already digest honey, so it takes only 20 minutes to reach our blood.

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  • The bee flies at a speed of 24KM / H and wings its feathers 200 times in a second, which means 12000 times every minute.


  • Like dogs, bees can be taught to find bombs. There are 170 types of smelling receptors, while mosquitoes have only 79.


  • A honey Bee flies up to 10 kilometres away from the hive in search of flowers.


  • It can collect the juice of 50 to 100 flowers at a time.


  • To make 1 kg of honey, the whole beehive has to suck the juice of about 4 million flowers and had to fly 90,000 miles, it is equivalent to three rounds of the earth.

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  • The temperature around the honey bee beehive is around 33 ° C during the whole year.


  • The male bee dies after having sex with the queen. Because at the end of sex their testicles get burst.


  • Because of the high amount of ‘Fructose’ in honey, it is 25% sweeter than sugar.


  • Honey never get expire for thousands of years. It is the only food in which all the things needed to live life are found.


  • The queen bee is never taken the birth, but it is made. When it is worth 5-6 days she is able to have sex. It leaves the chemical called ‘pheromone’ in the air to attract the male bee. By which the male runs, then both of them have sex in the air.


  • Queen bee can live up to 5 years. It is the only member of the beehive, which can produce eggs. Queen get very busy in summer because at this time the population of the beehive becomes maximum. She does sex only once in her life and collects so many sperms in her that then she can produce egg throughout the life. It can give 2000 eggs in a day.


  • There can not be two queen bees in a honeycomb it may happen but for very short time. Because when two queen bees meet together, they prefer to attack each other instead of friendship. And it continues until one dies.


So, these are some Amazing facts about Honey Bee | Interesting Info & facts of Honey Bee

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