Interesting Facts about Camera and Photography that buzz you

By | July 18, 2017

Hello, friends today once again I am going to relate you with some amazing facts. Before I start my topic Interesting Facts about Camera and Photography that buzz you, first I am going to tell you a trick: –
You can find out through the camera of a mobile phone that is your remote is working OK or not. To check any remote, first turn on your mobile phone’s camera. Bring the small light bulb above the remote to the camera in front of it. Now press any button on the remote, If the light is glowing after pressing the button, then your remote is okay. Let us now tell you:

Interesting Facts about Camera and Photography that buzz you


  • In old photographs, no man was laughing in the photo because at that time they had to sit for 8 hours in front of the camera.


  • Today, too many photos are being clicked in every 2 minutes, which are more if we compare to 1800 to 1900, even in hundred years.


  • The most expensive camera ever sold is 1923 Leica O-Series. It went for $2.8 million at auction in Vienna.most expensive camera


  • This is the world’s oldest known photograph with a human in the shot dates back to 1838. It was taken in Paris and the man is going to polish his shoes.oldest photo


  • The world’s first digital camera was made by the ‘Kodak’ company in 1975. Whose weight was 3.6 kg. From this, only Black & White photos could be photographed with 0.01-megapixel lenses, and it took 23 seconds to take a photo. In 1976, Kodak was popular in 90% of America’s market.kodak first camera


  • The world’s first ‘DSLR Camera’ was created by Kodak in 1986 with Canon. There was a 1.3 MP lens built by Kodak and the Body F-1 of the camera was made by the Canon.


  • The largest collection of cameras is collected by ‘Dilish Porakh’ of Mumbai. They started collecting these in 1977. Today they have 4425 cameras and the oldest camera is of 1907.


  • The world’s largest camera was built in 1899 and named it ‘Mammoth’. It weighed 635 kg and needed 15 people to move it. The photo taken was so big that people considered it fake.

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  • This is the photo of 1994 famine in Sudan.This is one of the saddest pictures in the world. It was captured by the South African photographer ‘Kevin Carter’ in Camera, in which the child is hungry with hunger and a bird is waiting for his death so that she can eat it. For this, the cameraman got the ‘Pulitzer Prize’. After this photo, Kevin became so sad that at the age of 33, he committed suicide.sudan famine


  • The noise that comes with a mobile phone camera is not allowed to mute in Japan, and on some phones, it does not have the option of mute. This is because girls in Japan wear a little skirt too much and if someone draws their photo then they will come to know.


  • Google is preparing to add ‘Sea View’ feature to Google Maps, which will allow the photo inside the water to be captured at 360 °.


  • The laptop camera should be covered with a tape because it is very easy to record the activities around us by hacking it. Facebook’s owner ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ was doing the same thing.

So, these are some Interesting Facts about Camera and Photography that buzz you may be enjoyed it.

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