Interesting & Amazing facts about Spider | Spider Facts

By | June 10, 2017

Spiders are air-breathing arthropods that have eight legs and chelicerae with fangs that inject venom. Today we relate you some Interesting & Amazing facts about Spider | Spider Facts

 Amazing facts about spider

  • The population of spiders on Earth is ranked at no. 7.


  • Spiders are living on Earth from about 40 million years. Which is very long time. Some spiders are 1 year old and some have 20 years of age.


  • More than 46,000 species of spiders have been discovered. Of these only one species called ‘Bagheera Kiplingi’ is a vegetarian species.


  • 95% of the spiders in your house have not seen the outside world.


  • Spiders have glands that make Silk. It can produce total 7 types of silk whose thickness is 0.003 mm.


  • Spiders do not look far away. But some species can also see the lights which humans can not even see. Such as – UVA & UVB Light.


  • Spiders can run due to ‘Hydraulic Power’. They have no muscles or spinal cord.

Interesting facts about Spider

  • Spiders can walk on the water and breathe in it. It spreads its weight equally by spreading its eight legs so that the surface tension is not broken and it becomes easy to walk on the water.


  • Spider is afraid of the ant because it contains formic acid.


  • Our muscles (veins) are out of the skeleton but the spider muscles are inside their skeleton.


  • When the spider runs, on any one moment, their four legs are always in the air and other four on the ground.


  • The fear of spider is a very common phobia, it is called “Arachnophobia”.


  • The spiders have short hair on the feet. With the help of these, they are able to feel the smell and these hair help them in holding while climbing on the wall.


  •  In some species, the size of the male spider is very small compared to a female spider.


  • Spiders don’t have penises. They mate with the appendages on their face.


  • A female spider can give more than 3,000 eggs at one time, and in one egg it has 4x more DNA than human.


  • A spider takes about 60 minutes to make the net. Some spiders weave new nets every night, while some repair old ones. Then they sit in the middle and waits for their prey.


  • Spiders, lobsters and snails contain blue blood due to the presence of hemocyanin which contains copper.


  • Almost all species of spider are harmful to humans. But their bites have resulted in very few deaths. The last death due to the bite of a spider was in Australia in 1981.


  • ‘Goliath Birdeater’ is the world’s largest spider by weight and size. And ‘Huntsman’ is the world’s largest spider, according to legs. Its legs length is about 12 inches long. These rats can eat rat, lizards to birds.facts about spider


  • ‘Patu Digua endemic’ is the world’s smallest spider. Its length is just 0.37 mm.spider facts that amaze


So, these are some Interesting & Amazing facts about Spider | Spider Facts

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