Tips to keep Calm during Anger | Ways to overcome from anger

By | May 31, 2017

In our busy schedule of life. No one is getting time to be relaxed.This over busy schedule results in giving birth to many problems in our nature and behaviour. One of the major problem that is Anger. The over busy schedule give stress to our mind that gives rise to anger. Here we are going to tell you some Tips to keep Calm during Anger | Ways to overcome from anger

ANGER IS THE BIGGEST ENEMY OF LOVE, it is the anger that had broken up many relationships.

 Tips keep Calm during Anger Ways to overcome from anger

Tips to keep Calm during Anger | Ways to overcome from anger


There are many ways with which you can control your anger.Some of them are described below:-


Whenever you are feeling angry just close your eyes and start breathing longer.Breather longer and longer will increase the level of oxygen and makes you feel relaxed.It would be better if you open both of your palms and then start breathing.It had been scientifically proved that people that keep their palm open and let air to touch the palm surface are a happier person.



Like as well all know love is the remedy for all psychological problem. Whenever you feel angry just close your eyes and start thinking about that person you love the most, may that thinking gives a smile on your face and makes you feel calm.



Do progressive muscle relaxation. Start by tightening and releasing the muscle groups in order from your head to your toes. Begin by focusing on your facial muscles, tightening them for 6 seconds and then letting the muscles release for 6 seconds. Repeat this with your neck muscles, shoulders, chest, arms, and so forth down the body until your body feels more relaxed.Progressive muscle relaxation can reduce muscle tension. This can reduce your anxiety and feelings of anger, helping you calm down. If you do the this you don’t have to look more for how to keep yourself calm during anger?



Talk to the friend with whom you feel most comfortable. Share your problems with him you will surely feel comfortable and relaxed because it suits human nature due to which we feel relaxed after sharing our problems.Maybe your friend is capable of solving your trouble and your trouble may be solved by talking to you friend.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Also Read: – Tips to reduce stress at home


The most important thing to do everything is to make yourself believe that you can do that. If you can do this you can do each and everything what the thing is anger, It is such a small bad feeling disturbs you for some time.


6. Yoga

Do yoga daily, because it helps you to make control on yourself. If you come to know how to control yourself, then nothing is difficult for you and also for me.



So this is all about Tips to keep Calm during Anger | Ways to overcome from anger Hope you like it.
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