Surprising facts about Naga Sadhu | Naga Sadhu unknown facts

By | May 2, 2017

Who is Naga Sadhu? There are 13 such akharas in India where the Sanyasis
are made as Naga Sadhus. They survive even below zero temperature in the
Himalayas. The common man does not have any specific information about
Naga sadhus but today we are going to tell you some Surprising facts about
Naga Sadhu | Naga Sadhu unknown facts

Surprising facts about Naga Sadhu | Naga Sadhu unknown facts

  • The person who wants to be a Naga Sage is examined for his Brahmacharya after
    entering the arena. This can take from 6 months to 12 years. When the akhara and
    his guru think that he has been eligible for initiation, he is taken to the next process.


  • The Sadhu has to stand naked for 24 hours under the flag of the akhara, after which the
    senior Naga Sadhu pulls a special vein of gender and makes it powerless. After this,
    he becomes the Naga Digambara Sadhu.


  • It is not that only men become Naga sadhu but women are also Naga sadhus, especially foreign women.


  • To become a Naga sadhu, first of all, they have to cut their hair, then they have yo dip 108 times in
    Ganga and then he was under five gurus. After that, assuming himself dead for his family and society,
    he has to complete his Shraddha karma with his own hands. These Pindanas make the priest of the akhada.


  • After getting the initiation, the sadhus are given a guru mantra, all the penance of his future is
    based on this guru mantra.

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  • After making a Naga Sadhu, they have to renounce the garment if they want to wear clothes, then only
    one garment of grey colour can be worn. Female Naga sadhu is not allowed to stay naked.


  • Naga sadhu always resides outside the habitation, they can not bow down to anyone except the
    ascetic and they cannot also condemn anybody.


  • Naga sadhus eat food only once in the day. They go for begging but not beg more than seven houses.
    If they don’t get anything from seven houses, then they have to stay hungry all day.


  • The Naga sadhu gives too much attention to his tilak. They are always trying that every day there is a similar tilak.


  • Mostly Naga Sadhus are seen in Kumbh Mela. As the Kumbh Mela ends, they disappear
    overnight. They complete their journey through the jungle.

So, these are Surprising facts about Naga Sadhu | Naga Sadhu unknown facts

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