Amazing & Interesting facts about the Legend Bhagat Singh

By | May 4, 2017

Bhagat Singh the another name of the revolution who was born on 28 September 1907 and
was hanged on 23 March 1931. It’s surprising that at the age of 23 he was hanged on and
he was proud to die for the nation. From childhood, we are reading books and also reading
about him in many books but there are still many things which were not written in books.
So let’s read the facts about the brave revolutionary.
Amazing & Interesting facts about the Legend Bhagat Singh

Amazing & Interesting facts about the Legend Bhagat Singh

  • In childhood, when Bhagat Singh was going to the farm with his father, he
    asked his father a question that why we could not grow a farm of guns.


  • At the time of Jalianwala Bagh massacre, Bhagat Singh was only 12 years old.
    This incident made Bhagat Singh revolutionary forever.


  • Bhagat Singh had established an organisation ‘National Youth Organisation’ in his college days.


  • Bhagat Singh did not want to marry when his parents were planning for his marriage, he left home
    and went to Kanpur. He said that now freedom will become my bride.


  • In college days Bhagat Singh was a great actor, he participated in many plays. He also likes wrestling.


  • Bhagat Singh was a great writer, he was writing articles in Urdu and Punjabi languages for some news agency.


  • To be safe from Britishers Bhagat Singh shaved his hair and bear to temper.


  • The bombs that Bhagat Singh and his colleagues had thrown in the Central Assembly were made from low-level
    explosives because they do not want to kill someone, but they want to convey their message.


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  • Riots of Hindu and Muslim hurt badly to him and he announced that he was an atheist.


  • Bhagat Singh did not agree with the policies of Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence. Bhagat Singh felt that
    freedom can not be obtained without taking weapons.


  • The slogan “Inqalaab Zindabaad” was given by The Legend Bhagat Singh.


  • The shoes, watch and shirt of Bhagat Singh is till safe.


  • It was Judge GC Hilton who announced to hang the Bhagat Singh.


  • Bhagat Singh’s dead body was burnt not once but twice.


So, these are some Amazing & Interesting facts about the Legend Bhagat Singh.

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Hats off we salute this great legend

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