Surprising Facts about North Korea | North Korea facts

By | April 22, 2017

North Korea has its own amazing and surprising rules. Here are many amazing facts which you
think that is this their democracy exist or not. Read  Surprising Facts about North Korea |  North Korea facts

Surprising Facts about North Korea | North Korea facts

  • No one can cut their hair of their own choice in North Korea.There are
    28 approved hairstyles and you have to choose one of them.


  • You can not enjoy celebrating a birthday in North Korea on July 8 and December 17
    because on this dates that Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il died.


  • North Korea has its own separate Internet, which is only in the Korean language.


  • North Korea is the world’s only nation to currently have a US Navy ship captured.


  • If someone commits a crime in North Korea, then he will be punished for the next three generations.


  • North Korea has its own operating system called Red Star OS.


  • North Korea’s president killed his own uncle by throwing him naked into a cage with 120 starving dogs in 2013.
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  • In North Korea, only military and government officials can own motor vehicles.


  • In North Korea wearing of Jeans is illegal.


  • The ‘de-militarized’ zone between North and South Korea is the world’s most militarised zone.


  • Malaysia and Singapore are the only two countries on earth that are allowed Visa-free travel to North Korea.


  • North Korea has the legal permission to use the Hemp.


  • You can not take photographs of beggars in North Korea.


  • If you were caught watching a porn video or reading a Bible in the North Korea,
    that moment would be the last moment of your life.


  • There are elections in North Korea every five years, but choosing the same person people has the only option.

These are some Surprising Facts about North Korea |  North Korea facts

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