Unknown facts about Love | Psychological & Amazing Love facts that buzz

By | March 26, 2017

Falling in love is a wonderful experience that many people feel. This gives both happiness and misery to the person. You feel happy when you are doing true love to someone because, in this way, cheerful chemicals are born in your brain. You become a little lazy in it. Today, we are going to tell you some interesting facts related to love that if you tell anyone, they will start loving you 

Unknown facts about Love | Psychological Amazing Love facts

Unknown facts about Love | Psychological Amazing Love facts

  • In November, the “I love you” is most spoken.


  • When you are afraid of falling in love with someone, this is called as “Philophobia”.


  • According to the scientific survey, a beautiful face is considered as more attractive than the good personality.


  • According to psychologists, hugging someone acts like painkillers in your nervous system.


  • You will be surprised to know that 2% of the world’s couples express their love for the first time in a mall or supermarket.

Unknown facts about Love | Psychological Amazing Love facts

  • Every day around 3 million people goes for a date with their partner.

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  • 90% of men speak their love of saying “I love you”. It does not include women’s figure because in general it is usually done by men only.


  • A farmer from Argentina has spent all his life to make ‘guitar’ shaped farmed farm, in the memory of his died wife.


  • After falling in love, at least you get disconnected from 2 friends definitely.


  • “Heart symbol” is being used since 1250, to denote love.


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  • Many organisms live with the same companions throughout life. They also follow the rule of one partner.


  • Love is very strong feeling which someone enjoys when he/she is in love.It is just like the intoxication(नशा) which someone feels after drinking wine.


  • 23 percent of those people who fall in online love get married after some time.


so, these are some Unknown facts about Love | Psychological Amazing Love facts.

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