Surprising facts about HIV / AIDS | HIV / AIDS info

By | March 26, 2017

The name of AIDS has been heard from childhood but never seen anyone talk openly about it.
Do not know why people shy discussing this topic. Question arises if we want to know
HIV / AIDS what to do, don’t feel shy read here
Surprising facts about  HIV / AIDS |  HIV / AIDS info

Surprising facts about  HIV / AIDS |  HIV / AIDS info

  • Worldwide AIDS Day is celebrated on 1 December. The International Symbol of AIDS is “Red Ribbon” which was adopted in 1991.
  • AIDS is made up of four words. That is –
    Acquired = which you have received,
    Immuno = body’s immunity,
    Deficiency = Deficiency and Syndrome = contracting.
    This means that the disease which reduces the power to protect your body.
  • HIV means –
    Human = Human,
    Immunodeficiency = which reduces immunity and
    Virus = Virus. It means that virus which reduces the power to protect it within a body.
  • The first case of AIDS arises in the African country Congo in 1959, when one person died.
    His blood was examined and it was found that he had AIDS.
  • The simplest theory related to HIV is called “Hunter Theory”. According to this, in the 1930s
    a person was bitten by an HIV victim monkey in Africa, or the person ate the monkey due to
    which he became HIV affected. After this, the person who makes sex relations got to spread it.
  • The first Hollywood movie on AIDS was named “And the Band Played On”.
  • HIV virus can survive at room temperature (25 degrees C) for 10-15 days.
    Such as in a used vaccine or in a needle.
  • Cats are very good friends of humans.They also have a disease similar to AIDS, which is known as FIV.
    There is a similarity between FIV and HIV in that the immune system weakens.
  • The first case of AIDS in India arises in Chennai in 1986. A woman has AIDS when she comes in
    contact with foreign tourists and does not take a proper safety. Let you know that within a year
    of this case, 135 other cases related to AIDS were reported in India.
  • Every day around 900 new children is being victimised by AIDS.


Reasons of AIDS

1. Unprotected sex with the victim,
2. With contaminated blood,
3. From malicious vaccines and needles,
4. The child born in the womb of the victim’s mother and
5. Gay relations.


Prevention of AIDS

1. Do not have sex with the victim partner,
2. Check before donating the blood,
3. Do not use used needles and vaccines again.


So, these are Surprising facts about  HIV / AIDS |  HIV / AIDS info.


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