Surprising & Unknown facts about cats | Information about cats

By | February 21, 2017

Cute, sharp, active, naughty, waiting outside the hole of a rat to attack and finish him. Mostly everyone like cats but children like the cats most. Let’s read some Surprising & unknown facts about cats | information about cats

Surprising & unknown facts about cats | information about cats


Surprising & unknown facts about cats | information about cats



  • The most popular pet in America is the Cat. There are approximately 14 million more houses with pet cats than homes with pet dogs in the US.


  • It’s true! When a female cat goes into heat she can mate with many different males. She will not leave ‘heat’ until her body sends her the “successful mating” signal, which can take quite some time.


  • Every year, nearly four million cats are eaten in China as a delicious food.


  • Cats are fans of milk, but many of them are lactose intolerant. This means that they are actually allergic to milk.


  • The average cat sleeps 16-18 hours per day.


  • Cats are thought to be pretty smart and with a brain 90% similar to the human brain, it’s not a surprise it is.


  • Cats have over 20 muscles that control their ears.


  • The world’s richest cat has worth $13 million after that cat’s owner passed away and left her fortune to him.


  • A cat can’t come directly down from a tree towards its head first down. To get down from a tree, a cat must have to come back down from its backside.


  • Approximately skins of 24 cats can make a coat.


  • The front paws of a cat are different from the back paws. They have five toes on the front but only four on the back.


  • Cats have no sense of what is sweet. They never seem happy with cakes.


  • Approximately 40,000 people are bitten by cats in the U.S. annually.


  • There are more than 70 breeds of cats.


  • Humans greet each other by shaking hands, cats greet one another by touching their noses together.


  • In the 1960s, the CIA tried to turn a cat into a bonafide spy by implanting a microphone into her ear and a radio transmitter at the base of her skull. She survived for sometime after the surgery but got hit by a taxi on her first mission.


  • Many cats have survived after falling from over 32 stories (105 meters) onto concrete, due to their largely “righting reflex.”


  • The longest cat ever measured 48.5 inches (1.23 m) when fully stretched out.


  • Owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than a third, researchers found.


  • In the 15th century, Pope Innocent VIII began ordering the killing of cats, pronouncing them demonic.


  • When cats leave their poop uncovered, it is a sign of aggression to let you know they don’t fear you.


  • The first cat in space was from French. She was named Felicette, or “Astrocat”. She survived the trip.


  • When a family cat died in ancient Egypt, family members would mourn by shaving off their eyebrows. They also held elaborate funerals during which they drank wine and beat their breasts. The cat was embalmed with a sculpted wooden mask and the tiny mummy was placed in the family tomb or in a pet
    cemetery with tiny mummies of mice.


  • The heart of a Cat beat at a rate of 110-140 beats per minutes – around twice as fast as the average human.


  • A cat can jump up to five times its own height in a single bound.


  • In Japan, if a black cat comes on your way they feel it lucky.


  • In India, if a cat comes on your way they feel it unlucky.


So, these are some Surprising unknown disturbing information facts about cats


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