Biggest Interview of Web-designer from Kishtwar (Jammu) | 1st interview in Kishtwar

By | February 12, 2017

Hello friends, It’s not every day when you get the chance to meet famous personalities. But when it
happens, we make sure that it becomes memorable. Something similar happened when
Deepak Thakur met Mr Pradeep Parihar for a candid interview.Being a newbie it was very
difficult for me to interview a famous blogger named Mr Pradeep Parihar.
Read full interesting interview but first have a look on info of my and Mr Pradeep Parihar.

Biggest Interview of Web-designer In Kishtwar(Jammu)|1st interview in Kishtwar

Deepak Thakur Bio:-

Deepak Thakur

Deepak Thakur

  • Age :- 20+ years
  • Profession: – Student and Blogger.
  • Work: – Founder and CEO of

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Mr Pradeep Parihar:-

Pradeep Parihar

Pradeep Parihar

  • Age :- 27+ years.
  • Profession: –  personal photographer, ethical hacker, web-designer, professional in Network security, professional in Penetration Testing, personal blogger.
  • Work : – Founder and CEO of tour guide) and website development company).

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Now let’s start the Biggest Interview of Web-designer from Kishtwar (Jammu) | 1st interview in Kishtwar 
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It is the first and the biggest interview of my life.So, if you found any mistake forgive me.

Mr Pradeep Parihar who is a personal blogger from last seven years.
Actually, his experience attracted me to take the interview with him.
Here Deepak Thakur is questioning and Mr Pradeep Parihar is answering.

2nd prize winner in football tournament kishtwar 2016

1st prize winner in football tournament Kishtwar 2016

Biggest Interview of Web-designer from Kishtwar (Jammu) | 1st interview in Kishtwar 
  • Deepak: – When you started your first blog?
  •  Pradeep: – It all started in 2010 by creating a blog on Blogspot. .i.e.,


  • Deepak: – After 12th which course you joined?
  • Pradeep: – After 12th I pursue in BCA and then MBA in Network Security.


  • Deepak: – Do you have your own PC  for blogging or you are using Cyber Cafe?
  • Pradeep: – As an IT student I have brought a P.C.


  • Deepak: – Where you come to know about blogging and where you come to know about blog spot?
  • Pradeep: – When I was doing BCA and got familiar with things on the internet like that time Orkut
    was famous and some other social sites were emerging from where I got to know about websites.
    When I searched about Kishtwar my hometown, I found nothing about it. Despite having so many
    things for tourists and other platforms.  Finally, I decided to do something that will help me to
    explore Kishtwar on virtual world and all this started when I was in BCA final year, I decided to
    do a project on a website related to Kishtwar and named as


  • Deepak: – Blogging doesn’t affect your study?
  • Pradeep: – No blogging doesn’t affect my study.In fact, it helped me to know more about so
    many things.


  • Deepak: – What was your blogging time for work?
  • Pradeep: – For me, Blogging time was not specific. Whenever I get time, I was blogging.


  • Deepak: –  How you arranged money for your paid website?
  • Pradeep: – I started saving pocket money for the website.Pocket money because
    I was not able to convince my parents what I am doing and that time they
    were also not aware of these things.


  • Deepak: – Have you ever earned money from your blog in these years?
  • Pradeep: – Actually, I hadn’t made my website for money but planning to start advertisement section soon.


  • Deepak: – What do you found the most frustrating thing about blogging?
  • Pradeep: – There is nothing frustrating regarding what you love to do.When in starting
    I was not aware how to do effective blogging and how to promote the blog.


  • Deepak: – What is your greatest failure and what you learned from that?
  • Pradeep: – That is a good question. My only and greatest failure related to blogging was my Adsense.
    This is a monetizing account which pays money to bloggers by placing ads on the website and me was
    not aware of the policies of Google due to which I started misusing that facility which ends
    up with the blocking of my Adsense account. So, I think that was the only failure.


  • Deepak: – Would you say that is the greatest satisfaction being a blogger of their own choice with interest?
  • Pradeep: – Yes, exactly for me satisfaction is much important than money.


  • Deepak: – Would you encourage other people to make their blog?
  • Pradeep: – Yes, I do I have helped and advised so many friends to start their blogs.


  • Deepak: – Blogging is your profession or hobby?
  • Pradeep: – Blogging is my professional hobby.


  • Deepak: – Do you provide some tips for our readers or for other?
  • Pradeep: –  I think I have not done anything yet to give any tips. But I must say, “do whatever you want to do”

So this is the Biggest Interview of Web-designer from Kishtwar (Jammu) | 1st interview in Kishtwar 

I thanks to Mr Pradeep Parihar g for spending his crucial time with me.


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