Amazing & surprising facts about snow leopards | snow leopard info

By | February 23, 2017

Today we provide you information about Uncia Uncia, yes uncia it is the scientific name of snow leopard.
Attracting, sharp and loaded with many features that amaze you. So, let’s start some
Amazing & surprising facts about snow leopards | snow leopard info

Amazing & surprising facts about snow leopards | snow leopard info

  • Do you know there are less than 6,000 snow leopards in the wild and almost
    600 to 700 animals in zoos?


  • These Endangered cats are able to jump as far as 15m and can take down a prey whose weight
    is three times more than their weight.


  • China holds 60% of the snow leopard population.


  • The fur on their belly is about 5 inches thick.


  • The nose of the leopard is short but has a wide nasal cavity that causes the air to be warmed
    before reaching the cat’s lungs.


  • Their long, thick tails are used as a balancing aid when chasing predators.


  • Adults are solitary and only interact with other leopards during the breeding season.


  • One of the amazing snow leopards facts is that this animal is capable of killing its victim
    which may even be 4 times the size of the leopard itself.


  • Snow leopards have become extinct from Mongolia.


  • As the cubs reach 7 days, their blindness ends and they open their eyes.


  • Snow leopards are generally smaller than most cats, weighing only about 30-55 kg.


  • They may only become aggressive to defend themselves or their cubs when threatened.


  • In average twice in a month, they may hunt large mammals and feed off their flesh for several days.

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  • Their gestation period is about 3-3½ months.


  • They eat slowly and a kill may last for 2 to 3 days.


  •  An average female gives birth to a litter consisting 1 to 5 cubs.


  • Most cubs do not reach adulthood due to many natural and even man-made reasons like habitat destruction.


  • A major reason for their endangerment is that they are excessively hunted for their organs,
    fur and claws that are valuable in Chinese medicine.


  • The snow leopard cannot roar.This is due to their underdeveloped vocal cords.


  • Snow leopards aren’t always nocturnal, but they are rarely seen during the day either.
    They’re mostly active during dawn and dusk making them cats of a
    “crepuscular activity pattern” as named by scientists.


  • The scientific name for the snow leopard is Uncia Uncia.


So, these are Amazing & surprising facts about snow leopards | snow leopard info

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