What are the Disadvantages of shopping from Snapdeal Pros & cons

By | January 17, 2017
What are the Disadvantages of shopping from Snapdeal Pros & cons


Hello friends, As you know that it is not wrong to say that today’s age is online age. Everything is going online. Online shopping is a trend now. We can purchase anything from online shopping, friends anything do you mean it? Read Disadvantages & Advantages of Snapdeal | Merits and Demerits of Snapdeal

What are the Disadvantages of shopping from Snapdeal Pros & cons

No doubt online shopping save our time and also some money, But think once if you are not getting the right product for your money then what is the benefit of that online website? 

Snapdeal is one of the E-commerce website made for online shopping, Before you start purchasing things on Snapdeal you must read Merits and Demerits of Snapdeal


What are the Disadvantages of shopping from Snapdeal Pros & cons




  • The biggest disadvantage of Snapdeal is that they have no toll free no. for their customers. You have to pay money for a call. For more enquiries about SNAPDEAL, you can call on 09212692126. This is the customer care no. of snapdeal which is not toll-free.


  •   The image of the product which you see on the website will appear very beautiful but when you shop that product and see the product, in reality, it is not like that which you have seen in the image. There is a difference between original product and snap deal product, there is a difference of 10% it means the snap deal products looks like only 90% original.


  •   The products are old, it means the products are out of stock in MARKET and no one knows that how much old the stock is, which you are purchasing.


  •   This is the problem in almost online websites, they do not show the exact market price of product due to which we could not differ that how much money we are saving, they show the MRP price which is not exact value of some products.


example: – I bought a LAURELS POLO 1 SERIES WATCH from the snap deal, they show a cost of RS.2995 and a discount of 74% and I bought that watch in  RS.400 from Snapdeal but when I unpacked that watch. The watch was not looking like as shown in the image, it looks faded. The interesting thing is that when I check the price of the watch on its own laurels store, the price is 445. Then why they are fooling customers.

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This is my experience which I shared with you that What are the Disadvantages of shopping from Snapdeal Pros & cons? Another choice is yours, you can shop on any website and you yourself come to know the difference.

These are the disadvantages of the snap deal.But if you are getting the original product then do not follow this.

Due to a bad experience, I have not some to share that what are Advantages of Snapdeal.

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