Disadvantages & Advantages of shopping from Amazon Pros & Cons

By | January 16, 2017
Disadvantages and Advantages of shopping from Amazon Pros & Cons


Amazon is one of the E-commerce website made for online shopping. Before you start online shopping on AMAZON, read Merits and Demerits of Amazon


Disadvantages and Advantages of shopping from Amazon Pros & Cons


Reasons why to shop from AMAZON: -

1) The products are genuine.

2) Products are 100% original.

3) Genuine replacement guarantee.

4) Easy delivery available in most states.

5) The Cost of products is genuine.

6)Money Back Guarantee on most of the products.

7) Toll-free no. for customers 1800 3000 9009 (not accessible from BSNL/MTNL phones).

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AMAZON is a good company and gives you many benefits. You have no need to take tension about the product. But, you have to check out prices of your product in other e-commerce websites also.

No doubt SNAPDEAL gives us more discount than other companies. but you also read Disadvantages of Snapdeal



I think there is no big reason not to shop from Amazon. But a small DIFFICULTY on Amazon is that to search products is a little bit hard and many products which you want to search amazon show a different result, it is because it is an international company. If you getting this problem in India use http://www.amazon.in
But overall AMAZON is best for shopping according to me.

Flipkart also gives 100% original product.but there is a difference, you may also read Advantages and Disadvantages of Flipkart


This is my personal experience another choice is yours, you can shop anywhere and then you yourself come to know the difference.

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