Interesting,Amazing secrets and fact about Germany|facts about Germany

By | November 14, 2016

Interesting,Amazing secrets and fact about Germany|facts about Germany

Interesting,Amazing secrets and fact about Germany|facts about Germany

One of the powerful countries of the world is Germany.
A poor country of world war regained its economy in such a boosted way,
that we cannot imagine.Let’s start
Interesting, Amazing secrets and fact about Germany|facts about Germany 

  • The people of Germany answer their call with their name instead of saying Hello.
  • In the first world war, the counting of male’s decreased at such a high rate that there are 350 male instead of 1000 females.
  • In Germany, it is taken as bad luck if you wish anyone “H Bday” in advance.
  • In Germany, heir is no speed limit on 70% of highways,
    but if you fuel end’s on highway it is taken as illegal.
  • If a prisoner tries to escape from prison, It is not taken as illegal,
    beacuse they think freedom is their right. 
  • The population of Germany is 8crore, i t is the population of Andhra pradesh in India.
  • Germany has these capitals:- Aachen, Regensburg, Frankfurt-am-Main, Nuremberg, Weimar, Bonn and Berlin.

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  • Germany still plays a major role in printing of Books.
  • American’s spends more money on their pets instead of
    Germany spends on defence ministry.
  • Germany hold second position in consumption of bear and
    they produce 300 types of Bread.
  • In second world war 20lakh german female’s were raped by Russian’s.
  • The invention of Fanta was invented during second world war,
    because the import of coca-cola was difficult at that time.
  • About 2000 school’s were closed in Germany from 1989-2009
    due to shortage of students.
  • BMW, Audi, Mercedez-benz all are brands of Germany.
    All most of the countries are using these brands. 
  • Germany is going to work on a project in which the Christian churches, mosques, and temples will be all together.


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