Surprising and Amazing facts about women’s|interesting facts

By | October 24, 2016

Surprising and Amazing facts about women’s|interesting facts

Surprising and Amazing facts about women's|interesting facts


Bangles, lipstick, bindi after hearing these words an image of Indian women is formed in our mind.
But,here Is a question are all women’s are same?
Indian women are very hard-worker but still most of the jokes are created on them,
because they do some habits which look odd.
Today you come to know some Surprising and Amazing facts about women’s|interesting facts.


  • International Women Day is celebrated on 8th march all over the world,
    In some countries, the holiday is a schedule on this day.
  • It is a fact that Indian women’s get greedy after the age of 22, this is a fact but not for all.
  • In America, 40% of women’s give birth to a child before marriage.
  • 70% of women like to eat chocolate than having sex.

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  • Girls also like to do naughty things.
  • The word “women” is derived from “wyfmen” which means wife of men.
  • A women’s tongue can taste more dishes than the tongue of men.
  • After every 90 seconds, a women die due to giving birth to a child.
  • In every 13 minutes, a woman die in America due to Breast cancer.
  • Women’s live longer than men, the reason is their immune system,
    in 5 persons who crossed 100 years, there are 4 women’s of 100 years age.
  • The richest women which come on 17 rank is rich due to her work, but
    the other rich women are rich due to their husband’s or father’s fame.
  • Women’s don’t like that the dress she wore will also wear by any other women.
  • Women’s also like kissing after having sex.
  • The record of giving birth to many children is in name of Russian woman,
    who gave birth to 69 babies.
  • World’s smallest aged divorced woman have an age of 10 years.
  • Indian women are known for beauty all over the world.

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So, these are some Surprising and Amazing facts about women’s|interesting facts,
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