Amazing rules & Strange facts about Saudi Arabia

By | October 21, 2016

Amazing rules & Strange facts about Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country whose rules are famous all over the world. Saudi Arab is known for oil, sand, sheikhs and Mecca Madina but today, I will tell you Amazing rules and Strange facts of Saudi Arabia – interesting facts which you may be heard.

Amazing rules and facts of Saudi Arab - interesting facts

  • In Saudi Arab, four out of three peoples have age less than 35 years.
  • To spend money on Gold, Saudi Arab holds the fourth position in the world.
  • 80% of labour work in Saudi Arab are outsiders. Most of the people work in Oil and Gas factories.
  • In Islam, there are two holy cities known that is Mecca and Madina. Every year many people visit there for Hajj but the interesting thing is that no person of any other religion is allowed to visit there, except Muslims.
  • There is no constitution in Saudi Arab. This country runs on the rules of Islam written in Quran and these rules are the constitution for them.
  • The last country which gives permission to women’s for voting is Saudi Arab.
  • 95% of the area in Arab is sandy and water is very costly there because there are no ponds and lakes but they made seawater able to drink.
  • No doubt that in Arab there is a shortage of water but there is the huge amount of oil as compared to the other countries of the world.
  • Every day the people of Saudi Arab spend almost 8$ on smoking.
  • This country holds the fourth position for giving death penalty and it is given by cutting the heads with Swords. Now, due to the decrease in decapitating person (person cutting the head) they were thinking to give death penalty in another way.
  • The world’s tallest building Atulniya kingdom tower is going to build in Arab till 2018 and it is high than 1km.


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Amazing rules and facts of Saudi Arab - interesting facts

  • In Saudi Arab, it is Restricted for a woman to cover her full body with Hijaab, but still, there are many rapes happening there. One of the reason is their rule because they do not accept that rape is happened until they get the witness of four people.
  •   It is highly restricted to watch porn in Saudi Arab and if you were found watching porn then you get a hard punish according to their rule.
  • You cannot celebrate Valentine Day in Arab.
  • Cinema is banned in Saudi Arab for a long time and many of people visit other countries just to watch a movie but recently cinema get started in 18 of month April 2018 there.
  • Woman’s of Arab are not allowed to drive a car there. They can fly a plane but cannot drive a car but in 2017 they permitted women for driving.
  • Black magic is highly restricted in Arab. There are police officers who investigate these matters and if someone found doing this, that person will shot on the spot.


So, these are  Amazing rules and facts of Saudi Arab – interesting facts.


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