How to increase speed of website loading to get more traffic in Easy Ways.

By | June 30, 2016

How to increase speed of website loading to get more traffic.

Helo friends, let’s start some tips about Speed of Website.
The Speed of website to load plays a major role to get traffic.If your website loads quickly,
you get more traffic, but if your website loads slowly, it may effect a lot on your traffic.Due to which your traffic and website come down.The reason is that no one like to visit on a slow website.This is a very weak point of Blogger.Don’t be the worry here you get solution-How to increase the speed of website loading to get more traffic.Let’s start Topic stepwise:-

How to increase speed of website loading to get more traffic.

How to increase speed of website loading to get more traffic

  • Check your website speed on Pingdom and if speed is slow then fix issues.
  • Google Developer is a big platform for all blogger.Google developer provides you for testing your website speed and analysing your entire website.
  • The theme is very important for website speed.If your theme contains HTML, CSS or java scripts, then it takes a lot of time to load.So, decide before that which theme is good for your blog as well as theme load quickly.You must check ratings of the theme before to apply and also preview theme, is it loading fast or slow.Also, notice that are you getting interested to read articles on your theme because theme also attracts traffic to read your article.
  • You can also use Themes of Word Press.If your theme is attracting and loads easily,t hen you get more traffic on website.


  • Plugins :- Plugins have also a main role for website speed.More plugins make your website heavy and load slowly.So, use only Plugins which your website needs.Use less plugins will help you to load website easily.I recommend you some plugins: – Wp-super cache, Akismet, JetPack, Yoast Seo these are some plugins which are needed at basic levels.You can use more 5-6 plugins which your website needs after sometime.Sign Up with all Plugins to make them working in a better way.
  • Install a Caching Plugin: -Caching means RAM for your website.It stores all images, cookies and data of your website.I recommend you to use Wp-superchache plugin and sing up with it to make it working.
  • Reduce Image Size which you are uploading in articles.Use jpg, jpeg images which loads easily.Do not use png images, it takes more time to load.So use less and needed images.
  • Use less ADS(google ads) on front page and also less widgets on front page.If you use more ads and widgets on front page, it will makes heavy to your front page, due to which visitors go back before opening front page.If your front page loads easily may be visitor waits to read content page.
  • Use 5-6 articles show on your front page.
  • Choose a large or unlimited Bandwidth, it helps for website loading easily when continuously a large crowd comes on your website.


These are some tips that How to increase speed of website loading to get more traffic.

Keep in mind these tips and your website will load easily.


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