How to sharp body and mind for study with the help of a tree

By | June 10, 2016

How to sharp  body and mind for study with the help of a tree.



There is an interesting topic, that How to sharp body and mind for study with the help of a tree. Oh, what an interesting thing. Are you excited to know which is this tree? Yes, there is a tree which helps to sharpen your mind. To start in detail, first, read this.

INDIA is a land of Saints and Ayurveda. The oldest treatment of India is Ayurveda which is successful also today, but not only in India, but also in other countries. Because it has no side effects. If you start to learn Indian Ayurveda, you come to know yourself a lot of things, about Hinduism. Just like that in Hinduism many trees are worshipped. In these trees, there is one of the tree that is known as PEEPAL TREE (Ficus religiosa). It is also known as the bodhi treepippala tree, peepal tree or ashwattha tree (in India and Nepal).

From earlier days it is a part of Ayurveda, Meditation, spiritual etc.There is a fact that Why People Of India Of Religion Hinduism Worship this tree. This question is interlinked with our topic. So, let’s read some lines about PEEPAL TREE.




PEEPAL TREE: – Peepal tree is one of the oldest trees, having a life span of 100-200 years. This tree is very beneficial in many ways. It’s leaves are green and are of the heart shape. It is the tree on the EARTH which supplies oxygen 24 hours. So let’s start our topic,


How to sharp  body and mind for study with the help of a tree.


So, after reading above lines, you may come to know that it is the tree which helps to sharp our mind and also some other benefits. But how let’s start step-wise to understand easily:-

  • It sharps mind, because it supplies Oxygen 24 hours and when we sit more time under this tree, we get more oxygen and when we get more oxygen reaches to our mind then our mind gets sharp. Oxygen is the basic need of brain to work properly.


  • It decreases the rate of Heart Attack and Asthma, because when we sit under this tree, it gives oxygen when more oxygen reaches to our body. So, then the rate of Asthma attack and Heart Attack decreases.


  • It also decreases carbon dioxide in environment 24 hours.


  • The structure of its leaves is of heart type of human. It means that, its leaves can use to cure Heart and other diseases, which is not proved in every research but proved in some researches. And still, Scientist are researching about it.


  • More oxygen will keep your skin healthy.


So these are some benefits of PEEPAL TREE and this is How to sharp body and mind for study with the help of a tree.


So, also read some few lines about its MYTH.



It is an MYTH about PEEPAL TREE that GHOST”S  live in this tree, which is proven wrong. There are no GHOST” S on this tree. You can sit anytime under this tree.


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