Amazing and interesting facts that amaze you

By | June 9, 2016

Amazing and interesting facts that amaze you

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this time read Amazing and interesting facts that amaze you.
Here are some interesting facts which increase your knowledge about Human Body and some other things.
These facts are the facts of Encyclopedia.So, every day feel free to read Amazing and Interesting Facts


Amazing and interesting facts about human body|facts about human body


Amazing and interesting facts that amaze you


  • The heart of an adult pumps around 7000 liters of blood through every day?
    This could fill about 35 bathtubs.


  • We release about half a liter of gas from the intestines every day, what we call Farts.


  • The only bone not connected with the rest of the skeleton is The HYOID Bone? It lies at the root of the tongue.


  • The eye muscles move about 1,00000 times a day? Most of the movements take place during the night while Dreaming.


  • Only half of a Dolphins Brain sleeps? The other half remains awake so that the animal can emerge from the water to get air.




  • There are around 40 species of bacteria in the Mouth, which protect the mouth cavity from diseases.


  • While coughing, air is thrown out of the mouth at a speed of over 800km/hr..Jet planes fly at this speed.


  • Earlier, Coca-cola was sold as a medicine and not a refreshing drink.


  • The Oldest Man in the world died at the age of 127years? Probably, someone will soon attain an even longer life.


  • The Taj Mahal in India houses the grave of Queen Mumtaz Mahal? The grave of Shahjahan was added to it later.


  • The first Antibiotic was “PENICILLIN”.


  • The practice of vaccination is only about 200years old? Earlier, about one-third of the world’s population died from high infectious diseases such as Small Pox. So, these are some amazing and interesting facts of human Body. These facts are the facts of Encyclopaedia of edition 2014.


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